As a terrain builder, I enjoy a varity of different aspects of the hobby. From an artistic point of view, its fun to create something out of an idea and have it used by people all over the world. As a gamer, I get to put terrain on peoples tables that I want to use myself. Its a win-win scenario.
Its always tough to decide what type of work to do though, as there isnt always a complete transfer for game systems. Warhammer 40K, being a 28mm scale game, created buildings that dwarf Flames of war 15mm minis.
On the positive side, tree stands and hills work pretty well for both.
Stylistically there is a difference as well. I try to be historically based for my Flames of war buildings, but put more of a "future" feel to the 40k items.
There's a lot of crossover in there, but the scale is the big divider.
For those who dont know...
28mm refers to the fact that 6 feet in game size is represented by 28mm on the game table. The same is true of the 15mm versions.

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