There probably is no perfect glue for every application. I have used many different types over the years, from white school glue to super epoxy resins.
For most uses I prefer Weldbond brand white glue, which I buy at my local Rona hardware store. I'm sure any hardware store has it. It comes in small sizes all the way up to big gallon jugs, which I buy.
it has several good qualities that make it a preferable glue for hobby uses, in my opinion.
1) dries clear  - a big factor when you add glue after painting for whatever reason. some glues I've used dry noticeably yellow, and dont look that good.
2)dries fast  - but not too fast... I find I have more than enough time to move things around to get a perfect fit before I need to worry about clamping or otherwise locking the pieces into place.
3)water soluable  - you can mix this glue with other water soluble products like latex paint or plaster, or both at the same time, to make a super strong pigmented, spreadable substance.

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