I`ve found that, with the large amount of hydrostone plaster buildings I`ve built over the years, painting them can be a bit laborious. True, you can look at it as a labor of love, bringing out every detail of a carefully built piece. Or you can look at it as one more step before the building gets on your table where it belongs.
After hourse of casting and more hours gluing, I was looking for a way to both make my buildings look good, while still avoiding the painstaking process of brushing 3 layers of color over every building I made. Which is a lot.
What I came up with was to use Woodland Scenic landscaping colors in a diluted form.
It made sense really, as Woodland Scenic has built a commecial empire on realistic depiction of outdoor terrain. Who better to look for materials to colour rock with...
With that in mind, I made a big mix of color, stone grey is good for a Northern look, mixed at about a 1 to 10 ratio, but I`m not exact.
Then I just dip the completed slab in, and pull it out.
For shadowing effect, I use a wash of water with a bit of black paint (craft acrylic works fine) and a bit of Future floor polish. The Future creates a good wash and adds a protective layer to the model.
I`m going to play around with different stone colors on top of the grey, applied with a sponge for variation, but I havent done that yet.
I`ll let you know how that turns out.

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