This years project for the kids at school is to model five scenes from "The Hobbit" in 28mm scale. Its quite an ambitious project if I do say so myself, as these are 10 and 11 year old kids. Follow my progress in the Works in Progress section if you're interested. The miniatures we'll be using are from Games Workshop Lord of the Rings wargame, and should stand in as the main characters very well I think.
I`m working on a series of models for a `Hobbit` project this winter for a Grade 5 class. It involves modelling Hobbiton and Dale in 28mm scale, so there`s quite a few buildings to make up. I started off using balsa for the wall sections, and was a bit frustrated, first at the cost, then and the challenges of cutting it, especially in circles.
I was walking through Michaels craft store getting some paint, when the idea struck me to use those thin sheets of foam that the use for a miriad of craft purposes. Its a fraction of the cost, and doesn`t have a grain to impede cutting like the balsa does. Any texturing you want can be done in after, and stabiity can be added
by either using interior braces from cheap popsicle sticks, or by mold casteing as I do.
So thats my brain storm for the day. Now I`m making good progress and spending way less.